Weird codes showing.

Roy Lasris
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Weird codes showing.

Postby Roy Lasris » Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:53 pm

Mike wrote:
My current document seems to have lost some coding. I use a hyperlink and it no longer works, I just see the text as {HYPERLINK http://www. . . . /} only without the website being underlined or clickable.. I also have page numbers in the footer and they no longer show up, it just shows “Page {PAGE} of {NUMPAGES}. What's going on?

Hit Alt-F9 to restore the 'values' view as opposed to the 'field code' view. Pathagoras is supposed to be a good housekeeper and, after processing your document, return everything to the original view. But something may have caused Pathagoras to stop short of that 'good housekeeping' goal, but Alt-F9 will always work.

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